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Free slots w/ Multipliers | Multipliers in Slots Explained | 28

Free slots w/ Multipliers | Multipliers in Slots Explained | 28

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Free slots w/ Multipliers | Multipliers in Slots Explained | 28 -

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28 Explained | Free Slots w/ Multipliers in | slots Multipliers -

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Free Slots W/ Multipliers | Multipliers In Slots Explained | 28 Video

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In the anime, he learned advanced sleight-of-hand from Shisui to give his opponents even less time to react. He would often coat shuriken with fire to increase their offensive capacities.

Consistent with his pacifist nature, Itachi specialised in genjutsu typically performed with his Sharingan. His illusions often involved crows and could be initiated after only the briefest moment of eye contact.

They were so seamless that even targets that knew to expect genjutsu might not immediately realise that they'd fallen prey to him.

If opponents tried to avoid eye contact in fear of his Sharingan, Itachi could instead cast genjutsu by merely pointing at them.

Itachi could also use genjutsu to share information or psychologically disable opponents, allowing him to end fights before they even began.

Against other genjutsu users, he could turn their genjutsu against them. Itachi awakened and mastered the Sharingan by the age of eight, [65] demonstrating skill and power superior to most members of his clan.

The Sharingan allows Itachi to see the flow of chakra, predict movements, as well as facilitate his use of genjutsu. Also, with the Sharingan he could perform Izanami , a counterpart to the more dangerous Izanagi.

Its design was three spiralling curves around the pupil. With his left eye, he could use Tsukuyomi , a genjutsu that trapped opponents' minds in an illusory world, altering their perception of time to make seconds of torture seem like days.

He had the ability to extinguish Amaterasu, but never displayed the sort of shape transformation that Sasuke later would.

With its simplest manifestations, he could produce extra arms or bones to improve his options in a fight. When used in full, Itachi was surrounded by a spectral warrior that would protect him from all damage, even jutsu as powerful as Kirin.

The simultaneous use of both weapons made Itachi's Susanoo essentially invincible. Using any of these techniques required vast amounts of chakra to perform.

If he used these techniques too often in a short span of time, Itachi would become so fatigued that he would deactivate his Sharingan altogether.

Itachi was a highly intelligent individual, having the second highest scores in the history of the Academy behind Minato Namikaze.

If an opponent exceeded his expectations or posed a legitimate challenge to him or his allies, Itachi would freely admit it. Even Tobi admitted if he didn't keep some secrets from Itachi, he might have been killed by Itachi's trap.

After the Konoha Crush and the death of the Third Hokage , Itachi and Kisame use Itachi's prior experience as an Anbu to infiltrate the village undetected.

Itachi and Kisame lead them to an isolated location and reveal themselves. Asuma and Kurenai engage them but pose little challenge and it is only due to the timely arrival of Kakashi that they are saved.

Itachi and Kakashi duel with their Sharingan but Itachi quickly proves to be the superior and uses Tsukuyomi to render Kakashi helpless, but is surprised that Kakashi not only remains standing afterwards but that he knows they and Akatsuki are seeking the Nine-Tails.

Itachi instructs Kisame to capture Kakashi to find out what else he knows and kill the others, but Kisame is parried by Might Guy.

With things escalating, Itachi and Kisame decide to withdraw. After confirming Sasuke's safety, Itachi pretended to pursue Naruto to covertly let Konoha know about Akatsuki's goals.

Because Naruto is under the protection of Jiraiya , Itachi uses a genjutsu on an attractive woman to draw Jiraiya away. They confront Naruto and contemplate how to apprehend him.

Before they can make a decision they are interrupted by Sasuke, who heard about Itachi's return and attacks him with Chidori.

Itachi easily deflects it and then breaks Sasuke's wrist, but Jiraiya returns before things can go further.

Not wishing to get drawn into a fight with Jiraiya but confronted by his younger brother's overwhelming desire for revenge, Itachi effortlessly overpowers Sasuke, taunts Sasuke's weakness, incapacitates him with Tsukuyomi, and then makes to escape.

Jiraiya attempts to stop them with Summoning: Sasuke Recovery Mission Itachi and the rest of Akatsuki assemble to discuss the progress of their plans as well as Sasuke's recent alliance with Orochimaru.

While sealing the One-Tail , Akatsuki learns that Konoha ninja are converging on their location. Nagato uses his Shapeshifting Technique to make a body-double of Itachi that he controls remotely, which he uses to intercept Team 7.

Team 7 coordinates against him and Itachi is impressed by Naruto's growth, but he still manages to catch him in a genjutsu. He torments Naruto for his failures to protect his friends, specifically Sasuke, until the genjutsu is broken by Naruto's teammates.

Itachi, his body-double not having his full power, is eventually defeated by Naruto's Big Ball Rasengan.

He nevertheless succeeds in buying enough time to complete the One-Tail's sealing. Before the sealing gets underway they are informed that Sasuke has killed Orochimaru after two-and-a-half years of training with him and is now coming after Itachi.

Deidara and Tobi go after Sasuke following the Four-Tails' sealing, and Akatsuki later receives reports that all three have been killed.

Kisame consoles Itachi afterwards for now being the last Uchiha, but he replies that Sasuke is still alive. Even had he died, he says there is still another Uchiha, alluding to Tobi's survival as well.

Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant. Knowing that his end is near, Itachi sends a shadow clone to find and meet with Naruto.

When Naruto attacks him, Itachi insists he only wants to talk. He asks Naruto what Sasuke means to him and what he will do if ever Sasuke moves against Konoha.

Naruto replies that he is Sasuke's brother — a better brother than Itachi is — and that if Sasuke ever attacks the village he will defend it without killing Sasuke.

Itachi is happy with this answer and gives Naruto some assistance for this purpose: Having business elsewhere, the shadow clone disperses.

Another shadow clone allows Sasuke to track him to one of Akatsuki's lairs. Sasuke attacks him, displaying the new abilities he's learned, and in doing so convinces Itachi that he has gotten strong enough.

The shadow clone arranges to meet with Sasuke at the Uchiha Hideout before it disappears. While Itachi waits for Sasuke, he has Kisame patrol the hideout's perimeter and permit nobody but Sasuke to enter.

Fated Battle Between Brothers. When Sasuke arrives they start by trading genjutsu. The genjutsu exchange ends when Sasuke breaks free of Itachi's Tsukuyomi, thus beginning the real fight.

The volleys of ninjutsu quickly spill outside, where Sasuke and Itachi compare their Great Fireballs. When Sasuke's starts to pull ahead, Itachi uses Amaterasu.

While trying to hit Sasuke he ends up igniting the surrounding forest, but does finally manage to catch Sasuke.

Sasuke sheds his skin to escape the flames and performs multiple Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Techniques while Itachi is off-guard.

Itachi avoids them, but Sasuke informs him that Itachi wasn't his target. After Sasuke's attack, storm clouds gather and lightning brews, allowing Sasuke to attack Itachi with Kirin.

Although the hideout is destroyed, Itachi survives thanks to his Susanoo. With his Susanoo active, Itachi approaches Sasuke. Having used all his chakra to perform Kirin, Sasuke activates his Cursed Seal of Heaven and out of desperation to defeat Itachi unleashes Orochimaru.

Orochimaru springs from Sasuke's body using the Eight Branches Technique and states his intentions to take finally take Sasuke's body for his own.

Itachi, having prolonged the battle in order to draw Orochimaru out, pierces him with Susanoo's Sword of Totsuka , sealing Orochimaru away and removing Sasuke's cursed seal.

Itachi resumes his approach, telling Sasuke his resolution to now take his eyes, and Sasuke makes futile attempts to keep him away.

Susanoo continues to protect Itachi, but it degrades as he labors near and Itachi starts coughing up blood. When he finally reaches Sasuke, Itachi appears to grab for his eyes but instead only pokes his forehead.

The poke seals Amaterasu in Sasuke's eyes, set to activate against Tobi's Sharingan in order to protect Sasuke from him. In a similar manner to how he described death to Kisame, Itachi died in a similar manner, unable to maintain his disguise he genuinely smiles to Sasuke and apologises to Sasuke and says this is the end before succumbing to his disease and falling dead with a smile on his face.

The summon fails almost immediately afterwards, causing Kabuto to wonder if the Impure World Reincarnation was still incomplete.

Fourth Shinobi World War: To that end he reincarnates Itachi and four other dead members of Akatsuki as offerings for Tobi's war plans.

When the Fourth Shinobi World War begins, Itachi is mobilised with the rest of Kabuto's collection of reincarnated ninja. Itachi is paired with Nagato, who he carries because of Nagato's damaged legs.

Itachi and Nagato are found by Naruto and Killer B. Itachi learns several things as Kabuto forces him to fight them: Itachi and Nagato continue attacking but give advice to Naruto and B about how to evade them.

When he has an opening, Itachi calls out the crow he planted in Naruto before his death and allows it to use its genjutsu on him, overriding Kabuto's control with its pre-programmed mission to protect Konoha.

Now free to do as he wishes, Itachi joins Naruto and B against Nagato, using Amaterasu on him and his summons.

Itachi continues to eliminate Nagato's summons and also saves B and Naruto from being killed by Nagato himself. Nagato uses Chibaku Tensei to try and restrain them, but the three join forces to destroy it.

Itachi stabs Nagato with the Sword of Totsuka before the dust settles, sealing him away and ending the battle.

Itachi then decides to personally take care of Kabuto in order to end the Impure World Reincarnation. Before leaving, he destroys the crow and Shisui's eye with Amaterasu so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands and entrusts Sasuke's reform to Naruto.

Nagato had been able to locate Kabuto's location while they were together, and Itachi now moves on a direct course there.

He inadvertently crosses paths with Sasuke along the way. Feeling he is unworthy of Sasuke, Itachi tries to avoid him and his questions.

When Sasuke persists, Itachi admits that he made a mistake manipulating Sasuke along a path that he wanted, which has put Sasuke in a worse position than he ever intended.

As they near Kabuto's lair Itachi tries one last time to shake him, only to be disappointed when Sasuke joins him shortly after he confronts Kabuto.

Sasuke moves to kill Kabuto, but is blocked by Itachi, who explains that Kabuto must be kept alive if the Impure World Reincarnation is to be broken.

Sasuke offers to help on the condition that Itachi will finally talk to him afterwards. Kabuto obscures his vision to prevent being caught in a genjutsu and attacks.

Itachi and Sasuke block with their Susanoo, only to find that they have lost track of Kabuto. Itachi realises that Kabuto has achieved Sage Mode and quickly defends Sasuke before he can come to harm in Kabuto's sneak attack.

Itachi reminds Sasuke of a mission they went on as children to hunt a boar, which they reenact with their Susanoo against Kabuto. Kabuto avoids them and commandeers Sasuke's sword , which he uses to attack Itachi.

Itachi takes the sword back from him and uses it to cut off the tip of one of Kabuto's horns. Kabuto tries to turn Sasuke against Itachi, pointing out all the lies and distrust Itachi has been showing Sasuke for years.

Itachi admits his faults, but promises to tell Sasuke something after he's performed his Izanami. Kabuto is confident that he cannot be defeated since they can't kill him and because of the precautions he's taken to avoid genjutsu.

He manipulates the cave to confine them and uses DNA to perform a variety of other ninja's long-range jutsu, trying to create an opportunity to access Itachi's head and regain control of him.

Sasuke becomes increasingly earnest to kill Kabuto, but Itachi pleads for him to wait until Izanami is ready. Itachi's reincarnated body regenerates and he uses Sasuke's sword to cut off even more of the same horn as before.

This creates a sensory loop independent of vision that traps Kabuto in eternal battle; that is Izanami. Kabuto has the chance of escaping Izanami by accepting the fate he now tries to fight by taking on others' powers, Itachi's gift to him because of their perceived similarities.

He raises the brille that cover Kabuto's eyes and uses a genjutsu to make Kabuto perform the hand seals that will end the Impure World Reincarnation.

While Kabuto performs the hand seals, Sasuke tells Itachi that he won't forgive Konoha for coercing Itachi the way that he was and that he will continue to conspire against the villages despite Itachi's wishes.

Itachi listens without response. When he is engulfed in light and the Impure World Reincarnation begins to break, he faces Sasuke and admits to everything Sasuke has been told about him, even imparting some of his own memories to Sasuke to fully dispel the lies he's told.

He reaches for Sasuke, seemingly meaning to poke his forehead again, but instead gives Sasuke a head bump, symbolising he no longer saw Sasuke as a child, but an equal.

He tells Sasuke that he wants no forgiveness and promises that he will love Sasuke no matter what he decides to do.

His reincarnated body dissolves and his soul returns to the afterlife. His instructions on the night of the Uchiha Clan Downfall for Sasuke to gain the power necessary to defeat him caused Sasuke to isolate himself from other people and avoid companionship.

When Sasuke realised that he was getting attached to the members of Team 7 and, from his perspective, failing to get stronger because of them, he defected from Konoha and left to train under Orochimaru — propelling him along the path towards Itachi's death.

Following the brothers' battle, Itachi's plans started to fail due to the interference of Tobi , who refocuses Sasuke's hatred that Itachi had engineered for himself, to be used against Konoha, turning Sasuke into a criminal against Itachi's intentions.

Itachi is able to make amends with Sasuke upon his reincarnation , using his Sharingan to convey his memories to his little brother so that he could understand why Itachi chose the path he did.

He also wiped Sasuke's prejudices clean and encouraged him to start deciding things for himself. Upon learning the entire truth about Itachi, Sasuke regains the great admiration he had for him when they were children and follows in his brother's footsteps.

He does not want to see Konoha, the village Itachi sacrificed so much for, destroyed and therefore works against Tobi and Madara to end the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Though this is again a great divergence from Itachi's plans, another of Itachi's plans redeems him: Naruto , at Itachi's insistence, eventually convinces Sasuke of the errors he has made without killing him after their final battle.

In the war's aftermath, Sasuke adopts Itachi's habit of poking others' foreheads as a sign of affection, in particular his wife, Sakura Haruno , and their daughter, Sarada.

He also had a habit of neglecting his daughter in favour of his duties of protecting the village and her, although he realises this mistake later on and chose to spend time with his family before continuing his mission.

Sasuke would continue to protect the village for many years to come — ultimately causing Itachi's wishes for his brother to finally be realised.

In the years following the World War, Naruto attempted to restore some of Itachi's honor by telling the world of Itachi's actions during his period of reincarnation.

Without mentioning the truth about the crimes he committed while alive, Naruto gave Itachi's name as someone who supported him.

Though not an easy thing to accept, no one challenged Naruto's word on the matter. Itachi's influence also extended beyond Sasuke: In the anime, Hiruzen realised kind-hearted people should never be in the Anbu because of the nature of their missions.

After the Uchiha Clan Downfall, Hiruzen was determined not to do the same with Kakashi and chose to retire him as an Anbu and made him commander of a team of genin in hopes it would help restore his light and kindness and eliminate his darkness.

Itachi had an influence on one of Orochimaru's experiment subjects, Shin. Shin became intrigued by the Uchiha clan, especially Itachi, and adopted the clan name and customary garb for himself.

It was because of his fascination of Itachi that Shin held a grudge against Sasuke for causing his older brother to die, and attempted to kill him in revenge.

However, Sasuke noted that Shin's social darwinism and warmongering goals indicate he did not understand Itachi at all. Itachi Uchiha heads downstairs into the kitchen of his former house at the Uchiha Compound in Konohagakure and proceeds to put on his Akatsuki outfit, along with an Akatsuki-themed apron.

After putting a tea kettle to boil and setting bread in a toaster, he grabs a carton of eggs from the fridge and attempts to cook one sunny-side up, only to find his first attempt foiled by an errant piece of eggshell on the egg.

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I sucked it up and put a little more money into this Asus and guess what? Just got the second Asus and so far, so good.

Aside from that, I was happy with it. Most of the presets gave me weird contrast ghosting and really brought out the compression artifacting in compressed images and I was getting irritated that I couldn't get rid of it.

Found these settings on reddit and they really do seem to give me the best results: Cinema Mode unlocks all settings, has best contrast Blue Light Filter: Natural - Color temp: Screen is bright and vibrant, lighting is very even - I don't see any splotches or wierd light bleed.

I wanted something not too small, but not a 40inch TV just to have 4K, 28'' is perfect for my set up.

A great CPU and a top of the line graphics card are useless without a good monitor. This is one Excellent Monitor!!! Larger visual area than my old 24".

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Super smooth display, even at the max settings. For those that don't fully understand, x is 4 times the pixels of your full HD p displays.

Remember the difference p made, compared to your old tube televisions? So basically, you get more detailed images. Thus I shopped around, finding several monitors that took advantage of this new tech.

Narrowing down my choices to 27" or 28" Monitors.

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